Phytoremediation is the response of Mother Nature to pollution due to human activities. Used with expertise, plants are the only solution to purify indoor air. Phytoremediation requires know-how as Justus von Liebig explained with the Law of Minimum

Law of Minimum

Justus von Liebig said if you miss one of the parameters, you do it for nothing. Our advanced interpretation of the Law of Minimum covers the best choice of plants in our original design stations, acclimatization of plants and optimization of light with best exposure or artificial lighting, continuous water supply, selected media, nutrients, air supply and pest control.



Jakarta is in the top ten most polluted cities in the world. Indoor sources of pollution aggravate the situation. Selection of most efficient plants for phytoremediation, as recommended by the NASA, is a must. 


Anti-pollution stations

Our original design is recycled plain wood and water based paint finishing. Stations can be custom made to meet your requirements and match your interior. Presentation and decoration always improving with new products. Please, visit our gallery for more informations. 



As opposed to IN and OUT traditional practice, our method is based on the acclimatization capability of plants to low light environment. Plants develop additional chlorophyll and are most efficient for photosynthesis. Maximum use of natural light is best but we can follow your existing interior and provide additional LED lighting for more photosynthesis and healthier plants. Improvement of lighting is beneficiary not only to the plants, but to ALL USERS of your facilities.


Combination of traditional, hydroponic and aeroponic techniques with a drainage layer, an active carbone layer and a highly porous mix of volcanic sand , clean coco peat and rich media at the bottom of the pot, a neutral media in the middle and gravel coverage on the top. Additional holes in the pot allow the roots to take directly the nutrients and the water in the reservoir. The station is clean from any dirty materials.



Semi-hydroponic system and drainage are incorporated in our phytoremediation stations. Water is continuously supplied to the plants as needed to allow maximum photosynthesis. There is no stagnant water and no bad smell.


High magnesium nutrient solution, homemade scientifically designed for acclimatization of foliage plants to indoor environment. As it is a major nutrient, foliage plants absorb large amount of sulfur generated by vehicles emission.


Ventilation and air quality

With CO2 world wide concentration now above 400 ppm and often limited ventilation, indoor CO2 is never a limiting factor. Limiting parameters must be identified and optimized for best result. Our plants are powerful oxygen generator and remove excess carbon dioxide. Evaluation of your ventilation and a carbon dioxide measurement are included in our FREE SURVEY. We guaranty a significant improvement and we can monitor the carbon dioxide before and after the installation of our stations.

Pest Control

Plants are free of pest when delivered to facilities. With no "in and out" method, the risk of infestation is minimum. Food grade pesticide is regularly added to media. Harmless to human organic pesticide is used if necessary or plants are sent to nursery for treatment.



Includes nutritive solution preparation, watering, pruning, cleaning leaves, checking for pest and fungi, performance evaluation. Our advanced technologies simplify maintenance and disturbance is reduced in facilities.


Optimization of benefits, challenging customer satisfaction, reduction of negative effects and inconvenience, combination of air purification techniques.


Combination of various techniques to improve your environment.

Our newly created prototype of air purifier, is now under trial test to be incorporated in our phytoremediation stations. To be equipped to customers requirements with prefilter, dust filter, HEPA filter, active carbon and germicide UV. Direct sunlight protection, mosquito trap and mouse trap now under study. Coming soon, anti electromagnetic waves net.


Only advanced air phytoremediation can protect you, your family and your staff from hazardous nanoparticules, heavy metals, acid rain effect and ozone, and also convert carbon dioxyde to oxygen.